Coverage Information

Natural Thin Stone Veneer

Natural Stone Veneer – 12-15 lbs/sqft typical weight per square foot

Full Bed Depth Building Stones

Chateau – 35-45 sqft/ton @ 3-5 inches thick
Chateau is sometimes called: flag, flagstone, builder, irregular builder, fieldstone, mosaic

Tuscany – 40-45 sqft/ton @ 3-5 inches thick (typical height range: 3-8 inches Regular Hand Chop or 3-12 inches Large Hand Chop)
Tuscany is sometimes called chop, hand chop, field chop, rough chop

Sonoma – 40-45 sqft/ton @3-5” thick (typical heights: 4,6,8,10,12” or cut to specific requested heights)
Sonoma is sometimes called sawn chop, sawn top and bottom, wet sawed

Paving Stone

Natural Patio – 70-80 sqft/ton @ 2-3” thick

Sawn Patio – approx. 80sqft/ton @ 2” thick
(cut to specified thickness, typical range is 2-2 1/4” thick)

*Stone is a product of nature. Because of this, actual results of colors, weights, and coverages may vary.
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