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RLF Salado Quarries, LLC are owned and operated by:

Tommy Edwards – Principal
Since graduating from the University of Texas in 1978, Mr. Edwards has worked in and owned several Texas based natural resource businesses including Native Texas Stone & Supply Company founded in 1997. In 1999 Mr. Edwards co-founded Salado Quarry and has actively managed its operations since then.

Shawn Webb – Principal
After graduating from Texas A&M, Mr. Webb helped establish and grow a successful multi-unit chain in the retail automotive service sector. Subsequent to the successful sale of that business, he was part of purchasing a small quarry operation, Texas Stone Products, specializing in sandstone. Mr. Webb was instrumental in growing the business through significant improvements in operations and by adding new product offerings.

Byron Davis – Principal
Mr. Davis graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in Industrial Distribution. After a successful corporate career leading sales and marketing for several globally recognized organizations in information and professional services, he worked with Shawn to purchase Texas Stone Products. Mr. Davis led the marketing efforts, and worked on improving revenues using technology to drive sales inquires.

Resource Land Holdings, LLC. – Partners
Through its affiliated funds, RLH acquired an interest in C&T Stone and Salado Quarry, LLC; eventually merging the two businesses to form Salado Quarries, LLC. More recently, RLH was instrumental in researching and acquiring the assets of Texas Stone Products, then integrating TSP’s clients and product mix into into its Salado Quarry holding to increase market share and enhance product offerings. Resource Land Holdings, LLC is a Colorado based private equity firm that acquires interests in agricultural, timber and mining assets in the US alongside successful regional operating partners.

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